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Digital Maturity Index for Healthcare (DMI-H) by FOLKS is a percentage index that defines the digitalization level of a healthcare organization, considering technology adoption and readiness for the digital journey. It is based on a simple and self-assessment thru an on-line questionnaire, available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

The goal is to understand the phases of digital transformation in each healthcare organization. The DMI-H can be used by any type of healthcare organization, whether healthcare service provider, health insurance company or government.

With DMI-H it is possible to monitor the digital transformation in large communities, as the method is simple, intuitive, free and can be performed periodically. Thus, it is possible to evaluate whether the policies and investments of organizations, hospital groups, health insurance companies or governments are being effective, if there is really a progression towards a more digital Health.


According to your organization's digital evolution, you can respond to DMI-H whenever you like by monitoring and documenting the digital transformation.

Dimensions evaluated


For the definition of the DMI-H, questions are made in five major dimensions:

Digital transformation phases



At the end of the questionary, you will immediately know your index, as well as where your organization fits into the four stages of digital health transformation:



The organization does not have a digital strategy. Leaders and staff are unprepared for transformation. As a result, most services and applications are not digital.



The organization has already started its digital journey, relying on some digital solutions for the most basic services. Leaders already understand that digital transformation is essential.



The organization is already reaping the fruits of digital transformation, with a clear strategy and employee engagement. Most services and applications are already digital.



The organization has achieved advanced levels in digital services, with a strategy for creating new technology-based businesses and assessing the impact on continuous improvement cycles.


Digital Journey


DMI-H is only the first layer of assessment of its digital maturity level. For those organizations wishing to advance on their digital journey, after knowing their Digital Maturity Index, a more detailed assessment through the HIMSS Analytics maturity models is recommended. For this please contact the FOLKS team: folks@folks.la.